The Importance of Medical Cannabis


CanniMed has been dedicated to providing high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis to our Canadian patients for almost two decades. As October 17th approaches, you may be wondering if your access to medical cannabis will change and what role CanniMed will continue to play in your journey.

The short answer is that absolutely nothing will change for current or prospective CanniMed patients.

Below, we’ve answered a few of your most commonly asked questions about legalization:

What is Bill C-45 and how does it affect me?
Bill C-45 is the Cannabis Act, allowing for the legalization of adult-use recreational cannabis as of October 17th. Current ACMPR legislation will be absorbed into the bill and will continue to be in effect. That means there will be absolutely no change to your registration process and your access will remain the same.

What about supply? Will there be enough for my needs and condition?
Yes, absolutely. CanniMed will still be providing the same high-grade product to our patients. We are strictly a medical cannabis company – meaning that increased demand for cannabis from adult-use recreational users will not impact our supply.

Wouldn’t it be easier to switch to recreational use?
While adult-use recreational users don’t have the same sign-up process as medical cannabis patients, adult-use recreational cannabis has a completely different use and is optimized for the casual smoker.

We advise you to stay the course with your doctor in order to receive the best possible treatment for your condition. Your doctor can accurately advise on strains, products best suited for your specific needs (capsules, oils, topicals or dried) and proper dosing guidelines.

Will I still be able to claim my CanniMed prescription with my insurance provider?
Yes. Medical cannabis, as authorized by your doctor, will continue to be eligible for insurance if already covered, or for income tax claims, after October 17th. Adult-use recreational cannabis will not be eligible for coverage. In addition, an increasing number of insurance providers are covering medical cannabis exclusively.

For additional reading on the topic, check out this article from our parent company Aurora at <>

CanniMed has always provided superior support to our patients and wants them to continue to feel the same level of care throughout the legalization process. We’re excited about the future of medical cannabis and look forward to providing our patients with expanded options to help effectively treat their condition.

Credit: Aurora Cannabis

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